INDUSTREX Film and Chemistry


The “gold-standard” in NDT X-ray film imaging. Choose from a wide range of film and packaging options. 

INDUSTREX Chemicals for manual and automatic processing support the evolving requirements of the non-destructive testing market. Our experience in imaging science spans over one hundred years. But it’s an unbreakable commitment to product innovation and customer service that has allowed the INDUSTREX line of products to achieve superiority in the NDT industry. 

INDUSTREX Film Processors


Meet two powerful innovations for producing high-quality NDT Radiographs. Choose the INDUSTREX M43IC for high-volume output or the INDUSTRX M37 Plus for space-saving design and mid-volume output.  

Digital Imaging Plates


Get the flexibility and sharp contrast images of NDT radiography film, without wet processing. INDUSTREX Flex Digital Imaging Plates let you capture and read images quickly in both the field and the lab, enabling you to manipulate the images with computer radiography features, or share them digitally. Great for erosion, and pipeline inspection, Flex digital imaging plates work with our CR Systems and many other systems that accept manually fed flex imaging plates.  



Carestream NDT introduces the next generation in portable digital imaging equipment. The HPX-PRO Digital CR System is designed for imaging in the field. It's a lightweight, portable solution providing faster set-up, more efficient imaging, and rapid analysis and reporting to keep your team moving down the line.  

HPX-1 Plus


The new HPX-1 Plus has the capability to handle extra long plates, custom cut plates & rigid cassettes. Improved optics for better imaging, 30% faster throughput on long saturated plates, improved imaging plate transport system, higher mechanical reliability and a more user-friendly DICONDE compliant software for the best experience in digital imaging.  



Carestream’s new HPX-DR is a high energy (3MeV),high performance, compact and lightweight DDA detector. With rapid imaging and a potential for reduction of your overall shot time and help reduce overall consumable costs (for film or imaging plates). The HPX-DR features heavy-duty shielding designed specifically for high exposure NDT applications. It can operate in either a wireless or tethered configuration with rapid transfer of images, FASTER and EASIER than ever before. 

Carestream CR Products

Carestream NDT continues to launch new and exciting products specifically designed for the NDT industry. Watch this video to see some of the new products including the HPX-1 and HPX-PRO along with a few of the applications they serve.