Conventional X-Ray Systems (XRS)

COMET designs and manufactures complete x-ray sources in custom configurations to suit your needs. With tubes ranging from 75kV to 600kV, a perfectly matched generator for highly stable performance, cables, cooler and hoses, we offer a complete solution for every industrial x-ray need. Our modules are assembled and tested as a unit before delivery to ensure optimum performance and quality. 

Portable X-Ray Systems (PXS)

Portable X-ray generators from COMET are light, of high quality and have been designed for flexible field inspection, in all types of industrial environments. We build our products with years of experience, skilled engineers and components of the highest quality. 

PXS EVO Panoramic X-Ray System

COMET product presentation film highlights the unique features of the PXS EVO 200P & 300P.

The launch of our PXS EVO 200P & 300P variants marks a major leap forward in high performance and usability in the field of portable X-ray systems.

PXS EVO 200P & 300P are both built to last and operate reliably even under the harshest conditions. They are superior in regards to thermal performance and environmental protection - and benefit from all the game changing advantages of the CONTROL EVO.