Aluminum Darkrooms


Our Aluminum Darkrooms are constructed using various Aluminum alloys such as 3xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx.  These alloys offer exceptional form-ability, corrosion resistance and weld-ability.  Typical ultimate tensile strength ranges between 18 to 58 ksi.  These materials are typically used in automotive, transportation, construction, and marine applications.  The structural integrity of our units are second to none on the market today!

Our units are insulated and coated with a DuPont Imron Paint System.  This paint system is used on aircraft, heavy duty trucks, specialty vehicles and automobiles.  It is considered the best coating system for this application on the market.  It provides a long lasting appearance which will prolong your darkrooms life and create the most brilliant shine.

Our units are custom fabricated using certified welding procedures and qualified welders.  Our fabrication facility is fully equipped and ready to build your customized darkroom to your specifications or ours!  Our fabrication facility is also an AISC certified shop.

All of our Darkrooms INCLUDE:

  • Sprayed with Closed Cell Foam Insulation.
  • Outside Marking Lights.
  • 7" Adjustable LED Light Bar with Aluminum Housing (Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Wind, Shock-proof, Water-proof and Dust-proof).  30,000 Hour Working Lifespan - Mounted Next to Man Door. 
  • Fourteen (14) 120V Wall Sockets - Two (2) Power Strips with Six (6) Sockets/Each and AC Unit has its own Outlet (2) Sockets.
  • Custom Built-in Wood Cabinetry with Formica Counter-tops.
  • The Largest Nose Over the Cab with Shelving for Storage (Specify Open or Closed).
  • Polyurethane Coating Covering the Floor and Side Walls for a Rough Anti-slip Surface which also helps Prevent Scratching and Chemical Contamination.

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